How to choose a mop, say goodbye to tedious cleaning, and make cleaning easier?

How to choose a mop, say goodbye to tedious cleaning, and make cleaning easier?

   CLNSMPL you no longer worry about finding a good mop. In our life, we often waste a long time to clean the floor. Then 1 a good mop can save you a lot of time, and we can use it. Valuable time to enjoy a good life。

   This mop is Self Squeeze Mop There are a lot of feedback from the market that this mop has the following shortcomings: 1. The mop head is loose after a long time of use 2. The mop head is troublesome to replace 3.Microfiber Twist possesses super-strong adsorptive force can catch dust. Its disadvantage is that the hair is difficult to clean up 4. Before cleaning, you need to use a broom to clean up the dry garbage on the floor.

There are two main disadvantages of this sponge mop: 1. it is difficult to squeeze the sewage dry 2. it has been placed for a long time and needs to be soaked in water before using it.

Now the mainstream flat mop,

There are two main types of flat plates. The above picture shows a flat mop set with a water washing bucket. The biggest disadvantage of this type of product is that when the water tank is not full enough, the upper part of the mop cannot be cleaned. When the water tank is full, the water in the water tank is easily spilled on the ground. In addition, if you can not clean the barrel in time, there will be a smell.

And this flat cleaning system, the perfect solution to all the above problems. There are two small holes with cleaning liquid on the board surface, which is convenient to replace the mat, and both dry and wet garbage can be cleaned, with a cleaning system. Of course, the same flat cleaning mop, the products produced by each company are also different. Our mop is made of high-quality materials with a one-year warranty. Four cushions are given away for a family to use for one year.



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