How to choose the right broom and dustpan set

How to choose the right broom and dustpan set

As the most common ground cleaning tool, brooms cannot be replaced by
intelligent sweeping robots in many cases.

Generally, soft brush filaments are suitable for cleaning small particles
of garbage such as dust, paper, and hair. Brooms with stiff bristles are more
suitable for cleaning large particles of garbage.
A dustpan with a built-in scraper (comb) is more suitable for families with pets. It can clean the hair on the broom simply and efficiently.Our broom dustpan set easily cleans the broom into the dustpan by simply pulling the teeth, cleaning pet hair and human hair. The dustpan's rubber lip sits flush with the floor, and the teeth clean the bristles with ease. The broom brush can be used for many years, and the dustpan is strong, which can effectively prevent wind and prevent garbage from being blown out when used outdoors.

The purpose of CLNSMPL is to make your cleaning work easier and more efficient.

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