CleanSimple Company

In the year 2023, in a beautiful town, a new cleaning products brand was born - CLNSMPL. This is a young and passionate team that believes that cleaning should not be complicated, but simple and efficient.

In the early days of the brand, CLNSMPL faced many challenges, but they stuck to their philosophy and worked hard to improve the product and provide a better customer experience. Over time, CLNSMPL's brand reputation gradually spread, attracting more and more users. Their products are now found in every corner of the city and are loved by many customers.

In 2011, our factory was established, and since then, we have been providing services to other trading companies. In 2023, we officially launched the CLNSMPL brand to explore global markets. We are committed to continuous innovation, providing customers with simpler and more efficient cleaning tools, allowing everyone to enjoy the comfort and joy of cleaning effortlessly.

Our product range includes personal care, household cleaning, and commercial cleaning tools. With CLNSMPL, cleaning becomes a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for everyone. We are dedicated to making cleaning simple and effective, so you can focus on the things that matter most. Join us on our journey as we transform the way people clean around the world. Embrace the CLNSMPL way of cleaning, and discover a world of simplicity and efficiency! 🌿🌍