What are the different types of scrubber brushes

What are the different types of scrubber brushes

Floor scrubber are now more and more popular with users. Those places that need large-scale cleaning and sanitation have realized the importance of floor scrubber to sanitation. Many property cleaning companies now buy floor washing machines, especially disc floor washing machines, to help sanitation cleaning and maintenance.

There are two main types of floor scrubber brush, including disc brush and roller brush. Currently in the market, the use of disc brush for the majority. Different ground and different health conditions, the use of auxiliary materials are also different, some Pad Driver with cleaning pad, some brush plate. The brush plate can be applied to almost all hard floors, but because there are gaps between the brushes, the cleaning cleanliness must not be as good as that of the cleaning pad, so there are more factories that generally use Pad Driver and cleaning pad to clean. There are white, red and black pads. Generally according to the actual needs of the ground to match the color, in general, the deeper the color, the greater the friction on the ground.

If there is a lot of oil in the workshop, in this case, defoaming agent must be added to the sewage tank of the motor grader. Only by adding defoaming agent can foam be inhibited from being generated in the sewage tank, which 1 a protective effect on the suction motor and cleans it more cleanly. Of course, adding the right cleaning agent to the water tank is also very important.

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